Customize Control Center in iOS 11| Add App Shortcuts in iPhone, iPad

How to customize Control Center in iOS 11?

All thanks to customizable controls, control center has got lot more useful in iOS 11.  Control Center, as the name says is a center of controls that needs right and left swipes with some additional controls.  In iOS 11, the platform was laid big for Control Center panel.  It has become more customizable.  Users can still access their flashlight, timer, camera, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Airplay Mirroring, audio playback controls and also shortcuts for home apps and more.  Users will also be able to turn cellular on or off, face low-power mode, shortcut to the Notes app etc.  However, the features that were present in the beta version of iOS 11 won’t necessarily be present in the official version of it.

The redesigned Control Center is one of the topnotch features in iOS 11.  It has been upgraded to an exceptional extent now than before.  Users can now customize control center in iOS 11 on their iPhone as per their interest, which is a big advantage.  You will also be able to organize the controls as per your requirement.  It also gives its users an opportunity to remove the option in case if holds no significance anymore.

User Can Customize Control Center on iPhone in iOS 11

In iOS 11, users can customize the Control Center by removing the unwanted options or shortcuts and by adding the necessary ones.  This Control Center helps the user save the time of opening the app without the need to go through the process and by providing a shortcut on the home page.  The 3D touch controls makes it quite easy to access the functions as well.  With the use of 3D touch controls, you can directly open the app to use.  For example, you can easily get access to widgets, alarms, change text size, Apple TV remote etc through this feature.

The new iOS 11 beta version has many controls added to the list.  The controls include timer, camera, alarm, notes, Apple TV remote, screen recording, accessibility shortcuts, text size, guided access, magnifier, and stopwatch.  These are the 11 controls that have the 3D touched options to get shortcuts.  User can just tap on the green + symbol to add the control.  To remove the options you don’t want in the CC, you can simply tap on the red – symbol.  Users can also rearrange them in their preferred order with the help of drag and drop.

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Simple Process to Customize Control Center in iOS 11

Once the Control Center is enabled, you can easily customize the features you want in your iPhone that has iOS 11 installed as shortcuts.  To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Control Center.
  • Tap the add button with the symbol ‘+’ that is present next to the control under the More Controls section.

Though Control Center is customizable, users won’t be able to make any changes to Airplane mode, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio playback, Lock screen rotation, Do Not Disturb, or screen mirroring.   They simply stay put in Control Center.



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