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      Geocell application in excavation slope

      newstime:2015-02-04 21:21:20 | Source: Huateng


       Geocell application in excavation slope

      Describes the characteristics of this new Geocell Geosynthetics its excavation slope protection in design engineering in the form of two applications - within Geocell Slope Stabilization and anchor frame beam Geocell solid earth do Slope Stabilization elaborated, through the application of Geocell solve engineering design and construction slope branched block structure and how to combine organic problem slope Protection.
      Excavation or filling rock slope engineering construction process, resulting in a very negative impact spoil, change dust, destruction of vegetation, surface and groundwater flows, water pollution and so will the local ecological environment. In today's very strict environmental requirements in the design and construction of rock slope engineering, increasing the connotation of ecological and environmental protection is very important, and the design and construction of retaining structures of how the combination of slope vegetation protection, positive is a new topic currently facing the retaining structure design. Geocell (Geocell) was in the 1980s a new special geosynthetics developed abroad, mainly by the PE, PP material made socks after the step of forming the desired project sheet, three-dimensional grid by the formation of special welding machine welding room. Geocell application, the connection between the units through, can be composed of engineering specifications required. At present, more advanced Geocell connection method for the plug connection, which is composed of plastic welding in the front and rear ends or Geocell units around the end surface, the connection will not spread Geocell component and together, with the corresponding connecting plastic parts, can be inserted into a special round pin. Geocell has a light weight, wear resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, wide temperature range, high tensile strength, stiffness, toughness, impact resistance, dimensional relatively stable, easy to transport and other characteristics, and its construction the connection is simple, simple construction method, which simplifies the construction process, improve the speed of construction, and can be used repeatedly. Using Geocell in slope engineering, can greatly reduce the quality of masonry works, so that is conducive to the green slope retaining structures and slope protection vegetation combine.


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