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      Geocell in railway soft subgrade reinforcement

      newstime:2015-02-04 21:20:15 | Source: Huateng


       Geocell in railway soft subgrade reinforcement

      Weak base for effective reinforcement railroad bed, to ensure the safe operation of trains, using the software for Marc geocell reinforcement works trait bed finite element analysis carried out, were selected 34 cm × 10 cm, 40 cm × 10 cm, 34 cm × 15 cm and 40 cm × 1 5 cm 4 specifications of Geocell, plate loading test application methods (welded from × height) were geocell soft subgrade bearing capacity of reinforced full-scale model tests, while using geocell reinforcement method, Yang An Railway K241 + 450 ~ 550 segments were soft subgrade Treatment results showed Geocell effective restraint stress lateral displacement and diffusion weak base of the bed, maximum lateral displacement can be reduced by 17%, the maximum vertical 9.3% decrease stress, and the stress distribution is more uniform; subgrade bearing capacity of reinforced reached after more than 180 kPa, lower reinforcement costs 6% to 12%; 6 a cumulative reinforcement lots largest settlement of 28 mm, 13 mm for the smallest settlement reached the soft subgrade strengthening railway purposes.
      Railway subgrade is the basis of the track structure, in order to ensure the normal operation of rail transport, the base of the bed must have sufficient bearing capacity and overall stability in order to meet the requirements of dynamic load train. For railway soft subgrade reinforcement, the most commonly used measures include: Bedding Replacement excavation, chemical admixtures reinforcement method and modified soil pile composite foundation method. For Bedding Replacement Act, excavation work and labor-intensive, for filling material and overhead track height larger overhead track time and construction period is longer, for traffic interference, subgrade bearing capacity increase to a lesser extent particularly for land-based expansion, the usual replacement method sometimes cause soil compaction degree or intensity less than the design value of the treatment effect is difficult to guarantee; reinforced base bed with chemical admixtures (inorganic or organic material), not very fast to meet the design strength, high admixture content, cost too much; modified soil pile composite foundation method despite the simple construction operation, relatively low cost, but this method of subgrade strength grew slowly after reinforcement, (general case , 90d age in order to achieve maximum), conditions of use there are some limitations; and the use of Geocell reinforced material as reinforcing soft subgrade, can compensate for the lack of existing methods.


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