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      How to use the highway construction Geocell

      newstime:2015-02-04 21:15:52 | Source: Huateng


       On how to use the highway construction Geocell

      Geocell is a three-dimensional structure of the polymer through the honeycomb made continuous thermal processing method. You can shrink folded during transportation and storage, and then opened using the construction. Open Geocell can maintain the same shape, and effectively limit fixed for each cell interior filler. Can greatly improve the bearing capacity of soil base, is widely used in soft ground reinforcement and protection works. First, from the characteristics of Geocell, works analyzes the feasibility of Geocell application on the highway, and put forward concrete construction method Geocell.
      Geocell as a new synthetic material, in the late 1980s early nineties, Europe and other countries began extensive research and development work, and proved by experiments and field applications in improving the general filling withstand dynamic load and embankment protection are great effect. Country in the early nineties in the absorption of foreign advanced experience, research and development work began Geocell, and made a major breakthrough in the application of road subgrade bed diseases, fixed loose media. With better understanding of Geocell characteristics have been found to have other irreplaceable advantages of geotextile material, so that in many areas have unique applications. A feature of Geocell Geocell is a high-strength polyethylene sheet, connected by ultrasonic welding method, three-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure of the material was later expanded, is special geosynthetics. In rock engineering and soil, sand, stone and other fillers constitute Depending cohesion, different strength reinforced cushion at different depths. The cushion can be placed in position in accordance with the requirements of the project needs to reinforce the roadbed, road slope protection, construction of retaining walls. Its biggest feature is the variety of difficult problems can be done in conventional rock engineering methods are difficult to deal with, such as the bridge jumping, soft ground subsidence, Frothing, landslides and so on. With a light weight, wear resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, wide temperature range, high tensile strength, stiffness, toughness, impact resistance, dimensional relatively stable, easy to transport and so on. The connection is simple in construction, the construction method is simple, thus simplifying construction.


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