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      Geocell applies the basic principles of road construction

      newstime:2015-02-04 21:14:45 | Source: Huateng


       Geocell applies the basic principles of road construction

      Geocell why have superior efficacy and by engineering concerns, but also from talking about the basic principles. Foreign literature called in describing the principle as "a three-dimensional cellular confinement system, can significantly improve the performance of general fill material erosion control insect hosts and applications over a wide range." It's the key principle is three-dimensional limit . We all know that when the car is traveling in the desert, it will pressure the two deep tire tracks were pressed deeply sunken part, both sides will be high uplift rut. Back of the vehicle if it continues to advance along the rutted, subsidence part sink further raised portion further uplift until the raised portion of the vehicle chassis rubs, subsidence buried half wheel ruts, and then can not move forward. This is so because when the external load acting on the ground surface, according to the theory of Prandtl and Taylor theory shows: In the role of concentrated loads, the active area a pressure sink, and decompose the force transmitted to the sides transition zone 2, zone 2 also passed over passive zone 3, without restriction of passive zone will deform and bulge. In other words, once the effect of dry embankment load, the load will be formed at the bottom of the active region from the lease-like, squeezing it through the transition region, so that the passive region uplift occurred. That is, by the shear force along the slip lines and mobile initiative, transition, passive force three regions determine the bearing capacity of the foundation. Not only in the ground can be very obvious Chaki appreciate the real process of the above principle, in the soft subgrade will find such a model, but slower than the rate of change of its formation on some sand embankment fills even better materials are still unable to avoid lateral movement. General highway roadbed are several meters above the ground, water Frothing not easy, but long-term settlement still exists. The reason, rain penetration, material loss is partly due to the sinking base, subgrade and pavement in the long-term rolling wheel loads, under the effect of vibration force to both sides of the roadbed material undeniable section transverse displacement is another very important reason .
      Engineering conventional treatment methods roadbed needless to say, its purpose is to improve the foundation material of shear forces and friction. Reduce or delay the ability of foundation material moves under pressure or shock loading effect, which works in the material requirements must have a lot of harsh restrictions, if you can not obtain the necessary materials nearby, you need to outsource these materials, purchased materials and transportation costs accounted for much of the cost of the entire project. And you can use Geocell drawn locally or nearby, you can even use the material under normal circumstances can not be used to dramatically reduce material acquisition costs and transportation costs. ? Why is it so Geocell carrying case indicate: under the concentrated load, the force will remain active area of the force transmitted to a transition zone 2, but due to cell wall of the lateral limits and adjacent grid the reaction chamber, and the filler and the cell wall formed by lateral friction resistance, suppressed transition region 2 and the passive region 3 tends to move laterally, so that the bearing capacity of the roadbed is improved. After testing, within the limits of the role of cell chamber, apparent in the dense sand cohesion can be increased thirty times. Obviously, if we can increase the shear force of the roadbed material or inhibit movement of the three regions can be made to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation of the effect, which is the principle of Geocell restrictions.
      In most cases cell interior filled with gravel or crushed stone and other non-adhesive material, therefore, geocell reinforcement layer is a horizontal drainage channels, which can speed up the process of consolidation of saturated soil pore water pressure dissipation rate, thus accelerating the consolidation of the soil . In short, Geocell has cushion, reinforcement, drainage, regulate stress and deformation, to improve the overall effectiveness of the soil impermeability.


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